Shattered Prophecy takes place in fictional world called “Agryppa“. The basic setting covers the two-parted continent Merkaat. Many ideological diverse nations live border to border in a confined space. Only the ‘treaty of lions’, a fragile union, binds them together. But nationalism is driving the people further away from each other and eventually into the terror and chaos of a new war.


Comparing Agryppa with our timeline it would be located somewhere between the middle ages and the renaissance. Still having some nations fundamentally distinguish from mankind cultural evolution. The Mytians are an industrialized nation with superior weaponry whereas the Dormish live by ancient standards. While some claim superiority by the means of technology, others call upon the twisted powers of mind shattering supernatural forces or might have altogether gone through entirely different parallel technological developments. You won’t be able to assign all pieces of technology to a specific age of our world. Some of them really only exist in this fictional setting and need specific energies unique to Agryppa in order to work.


Besides the political turmoil, there are some typical weird elements to every Shattered Prophecy story. Characters will be confronted with strange phenomena like clone chambers, time travel, aliens and parallel dimensions. This and many more weird events will demand everything from your heroes not losing their sanity, but also offer new and interesting options to create fascinating and mindbending plots.


There are many forms of magic in Agryppa, but only a few nations allow them to thrive in their midst.Approximately one decade ago the Zauberei (Sorcery) returned after being gone for almost 300 years. Therefore occultists live in secrecy and hide their powers whenever they can.

But magic does not equal magic: Some wander the darker paths of the dreadful nature gods to call upon their disgusting elemental Hexerei (witchcraft). Other inject themselves with deadly substances to gain the power to manipulate physics and yet others are born with this gift.

These are only examples of the different kinds of Zauberei (sourcery). Every magic-wielding class plays and feels entirely different. But beware: None of them is able to defend against a handful of armed men. So staying in the shadows is oftentimes the only way to survive in a world in which people don’t like what they cannot comprehend.


Over a dozen of different faiths struggle for the souls of mankind. Polytheism, father/ mother cults and the belief in warshipping the ancestor deification. Each religion vary entirely from the others giving birth to many cults and heresies.

We believe it should be fun to play a religious character. Therefore the large quantity of belief systems should provide a suitable faith for every character you can come up with. Naturally there are also nations which frown upon faiths of every kind and no hero is forced to be religious. Religion in Agryppa is mystical and not a fact: The gods reveal themselves rather through riddles and strange events than in wonder working clerics.

A complex mythos, called Simularcum-Mythos, explains the narrative behind the true nature of gods. This knowledge is hidden and only the narrator can weave little hints to this truth into their plots.



The mytian Empire is the most technological advanced nation in Agryppa. They are foreigners from beyond the ocean on the run from the cataclysm they have caused on their home continent. They came to Merkaat on ships with the intention to claim land for themselves to live on.

As a result of their technological superiority, they conquered vast areas of the northern continent and granted their defeated cultures a shameful life in reservations.

But they were stopped eventually from taking over the whole continent. A union consisting of all of the remaining nations brought an end to their conquest and led to the contract that should unite the cultures of Merkaat for the coming sixty years. Today My still holds power over vast landmasses and reigns over them in a form of federation with four equal regents.

Many Mytians live in polygamy with one clear leader of the household, be it a woman or a man. In fact, many women are high rulers of the royal houses in the Mytian empire and for all intends and purposes considered equal to man. Beside the noble houses, corporations and guilds rule vast parts of the Mytian empire and influence the courts all around.

Mytians have names that resemble our English or American names.


The Worgundian Reich is a native Empire of Merkaat and under the strict rule of the Stahlkaiser (steel imperator) and his Herzöge (dukes). The most important value for a Worgundian man is his Staete being the compliance with the ideals and way of life from his mystical and heroic ancestors). Most Worgundians are considered brave, though and serious men with a tendency to pragmatism. Respect and blind obedience to the noble rulers are prominent in all Worgundian states.

Their connections with the Riesen (giants), the prehuman inhabitants of the world, is subject of many speculations and most certainly the reason why most Worgundians are considered giants themselves with an average height of two meters. The second thing Worgundians are known for are their architectural accomplishments. Nowhere in Agryppa will someone find better masters of craft than in Worgund.

But not all Herzogtümer (Duchy) are of an equal mind. A terrifying plague called the schwarzeSchweiß (black sweat) is spreading in some parts of the Reich. In other parts, paganism is a huge problem for the faithful Worgundian elite and in yet other states poverty reigns the heart of men. Women are considered inferior in Worgund and take typical roles of housewives, whereas men are forced into the military service.

With the invention of Nebelstahl (nebula steel), the war efforts of Worgund changed and brought them victory in their darkest hour against the Mytian invaders. Able to defend against the Mytian guns, they could drive the enemy force back, but to this day a bitter conflict between both nations still remains.

The Worgundians bear names reminding us of our old German or Prussian names.


The dormish Realms are the largest nation on the continent Merkaat. After a religious reformation united the clans with a common new pantheon that wove the local deities into one great mythology, the dormish country stood proud against all attackers. But now it seems like everything is falling apart again. Too many different worldviews concerning slavery, cannibalism and traditionalism are driving the different clans apart from each other.

Dormaa could save itself from the Mytian wrath due to their use of Zauberei(magic), which is very common in dormish women. But now the estranged realm is weak and almost inevitably doomed due to their strict religious belief that wars are fought when the constellation of the stars demand it.

Women have an almost holy position in the dormish society. They are responsible for the religious life of the clans and are highly respected. Nevertheless, their exact position can vary from clan to clan.

Dormaa have names that resemble our Malaysian names.


Money rules the land of the sun. Nowhere the gap between rich and poor is wider than in the hot south. The faith in the padre demands to pay for your sins in good coin and made the church a pompous and rich institution.

Unlike in other countries city states are quite common in Avanezza. Here they have political power and are unbound by the laws of the royal courts.

While the north of the country is ruled by mighty whom resort on mighty wealth resulting out of huge credits and widely spread international investments. Instead the south belongs to lawless Gauchos. This criminal bounty hunting scum is tolerated due to their military might and the protection from drug trafficking and ruthless families.

Avenezza itself does not have any considerable army and often content themselves with recruiting mercenaries or gauchos. Nevertheless, their most effective strategy seems to strategically wed their own kin to their enemies offspring’s or the enemies of their enemies, in order to avoid a costly war altogether.

Courtly behavior, etiquette and magnificent garments, as well as a love for the arts and the lizard breeding are indicators of an Avenezzi gentleman. What seems like excessive arrogance to others is proper behavior for the Avenezzi.

Avenezzi have names that resemble our Italian or Spanish names.