Shattered Prophecy takes place in a preapocalyptic (humans only) fantasy setting with heavy influences of sci-fi, horror and mindfuck. The main focus lies on the elements of intrigues, survival, tension and dreadful discoveries.

Long version

Welcome to Agryppa, the world of Shattered Prophecy.

It is now sixty years ago since a peace treaty forced the terrifying conquest of a technological advanced and foreign culture to come to an end and bound all nations of the continent to work together in a fragile federation of states.

This union is now on the brink of collapse. Fascist outcries of national emancipation can be heard at the mendacious royal courts of many member states.

Now is the time of chaos. A time in which not only the political but also the physical order of things is in jeopardy. No matter if poor or rich: Thousands of Children are born gifted with unbelievable powers of the sinister and presumed dead power called sorcery.

In the dark corners of the world inexplicable phenomena grow like cancer and manipulate our destinies with powers that cannot be comprehended to mankind’s common concepts of time and space. And in all this bloodshed, violence and greed, the prophets – (a small group of) selected individuals - receive the power to communicate with foreign and far-flung gods.

In this time of madness, these presumably last days on earth, you take on the role of regents, soldiers, occultists, prophets and ordinary citizens. Whether you try to lead your nation to victory or just to survive: Your ideals, mind and life will be tested in a trail of apocalyptic proportions.