Season One Engine:

Shattered Prophecy The „Season One Engine“ was specifically designed for Shattered Prophecy. S01 is a D20 based system in which you roll skill checks to overcome physical, psychological and social obstacles.

Fair and free:

We are convinced that low-rule games create frustration and unfairness while too many rules oftentimes escalate to unessecary “table-crawling”. Therefore some rules are based on an accordance between game master and players to free you from extensive rule searches. A few other rules are nevertheless have been crafted out in a thorough manner to guarantee fairness. Naturally one golden rule should always apply throughout the game: “Use the rules you like and ignore the ones you hate”

Dice, cards and tokens:

In our opinion the game mechanics should be fun and diversified. Therefore the S01- Engine uses elements of board and card games besides the classical role-play mechanics to make every character class feel really different.

Tension in every situation:

Many systems cannot handle tension-heavy situations the way players would expect them to be like. Some of them even ignore interesting possibilities to create tension in dramatic situations. The S01-Engine supports special situations, whether your character flees from dreadful events, uses stealth to remain unseen by sinister foes or faces a single overwhelmingly powerful enemy.

Class based and classless:

As being supporters to either class-free systems in which you can create your own class through an excessive ability pool as well as to a class based games in which every class has its own unique feeling and edge to it. Our solution is the combination of two classes, each with huge and thematically fitting ability pools to support every character you can come up with while giving them the unique feeling they deserve.