Your world

Although we provide you with a huge amount of details on every nation and corner of the world, this setting is nothing static. We are aware that most narrators come up with their own towns, factions and people while escalating the story. Therefore we created a vast amount of background information about the past of this world, but in the moment you begin your adventure, all the choices are yours. There are no immortal NPCs, no untouchable VIPs, no place safe from the wrath of your heroes. Destroy whole realms, become the ruler of Agryppa, burn down every city, every village – all events that happen after you start your adventure will be up to you.

But we are also aware that some narrators prefer to be provided with some inspiring information on how to start off their own series. Therefore we provide you with hundreds of possible story-hooks. But be assured: After a few episodes, the complex relations between your characters and the plots will become a sure-fire success.