Your Character

Your protagonist is a fictional person in the world of Shattered Prophecy, who is made up from several different values that you set before you start playing.

You can put points in your attributes to show the overall condition of your character. There are several such attributes covering a range from 1 (very bad) to 6 (extraordinary good): Grit, Dexterity, Intellect, Stature, Instinct, Mumia and Constitution. Attributes influence most values on your character sheet. For example, a highly intellectual character will have better values in his knowledge skills and a very gritty character will hit harder with his weapons.

In addition to that, advantages and disadvantages (like blind or noble), your armor, weapons, social status, religion further flesh out your hero. At the end, you have a filled-out character sheet we mentioned earlier. On this sheet, all information about your character are gathered and easily accessible.

This way you can set up everything concerning your character. From his age, his name to all the little details you want to give him or her. The sheet helps you to remember this information and to make them available to you at any given time.