Other Characters

Not all characters are impersonated by players. At least, that’s normally the case. In most RPGs, you make a distinction between PCs (player characters) and NPCs (non player characters). Last mentioned are commonly played by the narrator and can be quest givers, bar maidens or even evil overlords. In Shattered Prophecy this is different. Almost every character is portrayed by the players. If your hero is not present in the current scene you are available to play so called NPCs whenever the narrator tells you to. We created a new system to make it easy for you to come up with great and unique NPCs in a matter of seconds.

So, players actually become quest givers, enemies and allies once none of their main characters is present in the scene. This way they become narrators themselves and can spin the story in entirely new directions.

It is not uncommon for these little side roles to become major character roles of the player who impersonates them. If you like your NPC, he is easily convertible into a full PC since there is no real distinction between them.