What is needed to start playing?

Tabletop as well as computer RPGs all use some kind of randomized factor to make things interesting. This factor is modified by the skill your character has in a certain field. The same calculations that happen in the background of computer games to determine if someone hits his target or not are executed with dice in tabletop games. Whenever the outcome of a given situation is unclear a dice roll modified by your characters’ skill value will test whether you overcome the obstacle or fail to do so.

In RPGs, we use many different sorts of dice besides the classic six-sided one. Some of them do not only show the possible outcome of 1 to 6. There are 4, 8, 10, 12, 20 and even 100-sided dice. They are called D4, D6, D8 and so on depending on the maximal value the die can take.

Additionally, you need sheets of paper and pens, as well as some cards and boards for this game. The cards and boards are also included in the HARBINGER App that will be available for Shattered Prophecy once it is released. Otherwise you will find the physical copy of those items in your Shattered Prophecy Boxed Set.

Which card or board you need entirely depends on the class you play with your character. Classes are like professions of your hero. As you can see, you may need more elements and items than in many other pen-and-paper RPGs, but your App will help you manage if you don’t feel like taking the whole box with you to your friends.

ast but not least you need the core rule book. This book will be available in classical book form and as a detailed Wikipedia-style homepage. This way you can play wherever you want. (Although we recommend a nice and cozy place for you and your friends).

We know that for collectors, books have special value and we definitely will publish a high end physical version of the game.