Character Generation

More than ten archetypes in the core rules

Archetypes are an essential part of the class or profession of your character. Each hero starts with a combination of two archetypes. With each of them the character gains a whole pool of abilities to choose whilst reaching a new level. They always consist of 6 abilities trees, each with 5 abilities. This way there are 60 abilities for each possible archetype combination, which gives you a great variety to individualize your character to your imagination.

An example: Two players choose the combination Occultist/Soldier. While the first focusses on the summoning of golems and defends himself with a giant shield at the front of every battle, the other one values “book”-magic and is a master of blades, who also specializes in honorable social behavior. Both are of the same archetype combination but very different in playstyle, look and feel.

13 fleshed out cultures

The world of Shattered Prophecy – Agryppa – is full of unique cultures, religions and nations. While at first most cultures are easy to identify with a typical culture of our real world, the deeper layers, such as subcultures, show huge differences. Every major culture in the core rules (Worgund, My, Dormaa, Avenezza, Nod and Buttians) has one to three subcultures, which are described in great detail including their government, relationships, religion, worldview and trivia.

The choice of your culture heavily influences your character, his status in society and his political agenda (if he/she has any).

Three base values

Besides the classical hit points or healthpoints, known from many roleplaying games, Shattered Prophecy uses two more values that should be important to your hero: Concentration and Morale. Concentration will decrease with exhausting work, the use of abilities and operation under stress. This way concentration forces your character to rest once in a while. Morale on the other hand decreases with the sighting of scenes of extreme violence or horror. The loss of good friends, the confrontation with dreadful beings and the possible mental decay are harmful to your morale.

To help you understand how your character currently feels these values are divided into different levels. Your morale for example starts on the “stable”-level. When it decreases, you will sooner or later reach the “troubled”, “terrified” and finally “at the brink of insanity” levels.

We are using these two additional base values to focus the survival aspect of Shattered Prophecy. This way combat is by far not the worst thing that can happen to you. Characters fall into insanity, become dulled, become monsters themselves or make bad decisions due to stress, tension and the lack of sleep. Your health points will actually be the least of your worries.

Many advantages and disadvantages

In order to extend your characters even more, you can apply a great variety of advantages and disadvantages to them. A mighty politician with the ability to invoke “Zauberei” (magic) is not as interesting as a pregnant politician, who is actually a clone and addicted to the constant consumption of a dangerous (to herself and her child) drug, without which she can’t possibly survive.