Roleplay for adults

Shattered Prophecy aims at adult players. Extreme display of violence, racism, insanity and paranormal horror are core elements of this dark world. Naturally it is always up to you how detailed these elements are described, but it takes a certain maturity to reflect upon and handle these political and violent themes. Especially if your characters go to war with characters of other players.

Beside the many cruel and terrifying themes, there are also elements that should provoke some thoughts. Narrators have access to secret information that can be hinted at and be discovered by players if they listen carefully to all the storylines, whether they are playing a character in them or not.

With these elements, there will be many “Eureka!”-moments on your table which will clear the confusing mist that obscures the connections between far-flung plots. Shattered Prophecy is known for these moments of clarity but obviously, it needs a certain amount of maturity to reflect upon those hints given by the narrator.

Once someone is under the spell of this strange world they will soon find their own way of explaining things, making connections all around and may even become a true lore-maniac. If this happens, it is normally the start of a big journey of questions, theories and few answers that will probably still engage your players days after an episode.