Shattered Prophecy emphasizes on a style of storytelling that is heavily inspired by modern TV- series. Players take on multiple roles consisting of antagonistic characters and experience the story from different angles.

Long version

The structure of Shattered Prophecy is heavily inspired by TV-Series like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’. We divide the classic campaign in 'seasons', “episodes”, “scenes” and “finales” in which you will experience our unique preapocalyptic fantasy world with a huge character cast.

In this pen and paper RPG you take on the role of more than one character and experience the story from different perspectives. The line between NPC and PC blurs: You play the leader of whole nations, the peasant under his rule and the soldier of the opposing army. All decisions made by one of your characters influence the story, world and other characters – yours and that of the other players.

This way players can play characters that would normally be considered an NPC – a quest giver, a nemesis, a hero or a mentor. The game master’s task is to arrange for the site and the external menaces, but you, the player, and your decisions form the outcome of the story.

A specialty of this playstyle is the player vs player interaction. Confrontations between your characters and that of other players will most definitely occur. But don’t be alarmed: Even though your heroes may suffer in the current scene there will be a time where all the power is on your side of the table.

Will you become a monster yourself in this world of terror? Or will you remain faithful to your ideals?