Welcome to the beginning of the end!

Shattered Prophecy is an independent fantasy/sci/horror tabletop role-playing game set in a grim preapocalyptic world.

It is currently under development by the german game studio Digilogue Studios.

The Shattered Prophecy-experience focuses on intrigues, mindbenders and complex plot connections you may know from modern TV-series.

But beware! Unlike most other role-playing games, one of our characteristic features are player-vs-player elements.

At the moment, our game is in the alpha-stage of development. All information on coming updates, beta openings and early accesses can be found directly here or on our Facebook page!



Author: Maurizio Philippy

Shattered Prophecy: Design-Philosophie

Author: Maurizio Philippy

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SP features a role-playing experience designed for adult players featuring a mixed setting of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and psycho-thriller elements.


SP actively supports player vs. player as a core element of its toxic setting made of intrigues, violence and apocalyptic events.


smartRPGs are the future of classic role-playing games. They do NOT transform tabletop RPGs into computer games but instead support the classic gameplay of pen and paper with modern technology.


The storytelling of SP is clearly inspired by modern TV-series and features cliffhangers, finales and player-driven plotdevelopment.


Unlike in other RPGs Players take on the roles of more than one character and experience the story from different point of views. Be a politician to change the world but remember: Your other characters have to live in it.


"If you have problems with falling asleep ... Shattered Prophecy will exacerbate your problem"

"Where the peasant from next door is a schizophrenic asshole ..."

“My players believe I'm already escalated. They do not even have an occultist - let alone a Urr.“

"Shattered Prophecy is a mixture of Dark Souls, Butterfly Effect and Game of Thrones - dying at a high level."

"If it were on Netflix, we would be a kingship."

"A bolt in the chest is considered a starting equipment."

"Every act has a consequence. Whether in this dimension, or another."

"George R. R. Martin would adore Shattered Prophecy."

"Gritty. Gory. Glorious."

"You always wanted to know what happens when you throw a living, strange blue baby thing into the world after one of your spells has gone catastrophically wrong? HERE you will find it!"

"The difference between Shattered Prophecy and other fantasy RPGs? Swap game, fun and adventure against mindfuck, embryonic position and legitimate castration fears."

"Mindfuck ... Forgot SAW ... plays Shattered Prophecy!"

"Where Pen & Paper (P&P) RPG means parallel dimensions and paradoxes"

"SP - where your worst enemies are not monsters or NPCs, but your so-called friends."

"It has always been your dream that a man with an animal head sews the skin of your sister in the face? Then Shattered Prophecy is the game for you!"